Itabashi - Japanese Izakaya


We're a small Japanese restaurant

located in Teddington.


We serve a range of dishes from

sushi and sashimi to

pork goyzas and vegetable tempura.


We try our very best to cater to

everyone dietry requirements and

serve the highest quality of

authentic Japanese dishes.



For any queries, call us on


020 33 020 811


Now we are on Deliveroo!!



  Opening Hours  (August 20)


From Saturday  1st August 20 we are reopen for dine in.


Tuesday - Saturday

Lunch : 12 - 2.30 pm

Dinner : 5 - 10 pm


Tema Itabashi

We are going to start home delivery(0.7km radius) and pick up service from 4th August 2020.

You can pre-order using our brand new website itabashiizakaya.com - To order please click above button.

Delivery time : Tuesday - Saturday : 5 - 9.30 pm

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